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AGGROS is the brand new instrumental hardcore/metal band of OG Cro-Mag songwriter and founder Parris Mayhew.


The band is a DIY hardcore style venture. NO LABEL. And will be self-releasing one song/video at a time. A music video will accompany every song, and will be viewable only on Parris’ YouTube channel, so go and subscribe to the page.

The first song release "CHAOS MAGIC" will premiere on October 28th on Metal Injection! It is a hardcore epic so packed with riffs that it needs no vocals! 

Parris plans to release songs in the NYHC tradition, putting out demos before a full-length release. This new batch of songs is Parris’ way of planting his flag again. The music will sound and feel familiar to anyone who knows his previous 3 albums, the AGGROS is simply a continuation, he is the same songwriter and guitarist so it will be what fans expect and then some!


Most Mags fans are accustomed to a big rock production sound from Parris’ guitar sound and production, this time he kept it streamlined and raw. “Chaos Magic” was basically recorded live in one afternoon with little or no punches and feels alive and human without todays modern digital stiffness, just a balls out rocker.

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